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Kelly and Charlie Casparius started Beacon of Hope Counseling in January of 2010. Beacon of Hope Counseling is an outpatient mental health facility in Wilmington, North Carolina. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest level of empathy, sensitivity, professionalism and most of all a desire to see our clients reach a better place in their life. Our team at Beacon of Hope Counseling believes that this trust between our clients and our entire staff is the cornerstone of our existence. We are working very hard to become a full service counseling agency, listed below are some of the ways that Beacon of Hope reaches out to our community.

Primary Focus

When Kelly and Charlie started Beacon of Hope Counseling they thought it would be a counseling agency primarily for children. However, in the time they have been here they have realized that there are needs that have to be met in adolescents and adults. Kelly's heart is still with kids, but the team at Beacon of Hope Counseling works hard to help clients make good choices in their lives, find coping skills for struggles and create an overall feeling of well being.

Traditional Mental Health services

In addition to all the other services that therapists at Beacon of Hope Counseling provide, they also provide a traditional battery of mental health services. We can help our clients of all ages deal with mental health issues including anxiety, depression, Bi-polar disorder, PTSD, abuse, trauma, schizophrenia and other similar issues.

Family Issues

The team at Beacon of Hope Counseling knows how hard family issues can be. We are a practice that can be trusted to keep your issues confidential while you are working through the issues in your family.

Beacon of Hope Counseling can offer family counseling for things like marriage counseling, children and parents who are transitioning into foster care, as well as families who are thinking about, or currently pursuing adoption. Adoptive families could also benefit from our attachment therapy to help build the trust between all of the family members.

Another type of family issue that our therapists can help with is single parent households. Weather this happened because of permanent separation like death or divorce or temporary situation as when dealing with military parents who are deployed. These times in life are difficult for everyone involved and the stress can be eased by having someone to talk to and work through difficult feelings with.

Beacon of Hope Counseling can also help families who need custody or divorce evaluations. These situations put so much stress on all parties involved that it can be helpful to have a professional opinion. Our therapists can work with each member of the family to rebuild trust between members even if the situation has changed.

School Performance

Beacon of Hope Counseling can also help with the many issues that students struggle with during school. If you student is being bullied, has test anxiety, needs an advocate for their IEP meetings or is just performing below where you would like your student to perform, our therapists can work with your student to build the trust and self-confidence needed to succeed in a difficult environment.

Non-traditional mental health services

Therapist at Beacon of Hope Counseling care about our clients. Many times people are turned away because they need help and do not have the resources to get help. The team at Beacon of Hope Counseling tries to help our clients overcome these issues. We have helped our clients get insurance like Medicaid by going to DSS with them. We have taken clients to disability hearings to help them deal with the stress and pressure of the situation. Beacon of Hope Counseling therapists go out of their way to connect our clients to community services when they are needed.

Other helpful services

We know that many times our clients need additional services to be able to work with their insurance companies and doctors offices. For that reason, Beacon of Hope Counseling offers faxing and notary services free of charge for clients who need those services.

In addition, the therapists have a heart for building trust all over our Wilmington community. Because of that we support local and private food banks and each year we come together as a team and support a local family. We were able to give one family a full thanksgiving dinner and another family that was on the brink of homelessness was able to have Christmas for their child.

Community Partners

We support many local businesses by partnering with them in some way. While we have advertising on the radio, the station we use also host events that we support and sponsor. A local company, Paint & Play has also partnered with the team at Beacon of Hope Counseling to help children play by giving gift certificates good at their pottery painting location. We also partner with Centre of Redemption which is a non-profit organization that helps young women who are victims of sex trafficking.

We partner closely with schools and try to help students all throughout our city and outward laying towns. We start the year by purchasing school supplies for local guidance counselors delivering them before students come back to school. We support students in schools by helping them with performance, being advocates in IEP meetings and partnering with Guidance Counselors and Special Education Department Heads to provide services to young people that need help.

Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me
Matthew 25:40                   
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